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the start
of a love story

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An old country residence dating back to the 17th century, Borgo Garzolini has preserved the authenticity and charm of its spaces, offering a curated and elegant welcome. Thanks to careful conservative restoration, it has been able to preserve itself as a magical and timeless place, the perfect setting for the beginning of your story

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let's build together
the best memories


Our services

The staff at Borgo Garzolini will be at your complete disposal to fulfill your wishes regarding the preparation of the spaces and mise en place so that everything is as you have always dreamed on the big day.

We will be happy to help with:

  • Your big day

  • Customized photo shoots

  • Corporate events

  • Collaborations with brands

A wide selection of indoor rooms with a capacity of approximately 120 people.

An equally wide selection of outdoor spaces and areas available for catering or other suppliers.

Thanks to the many spaces at your disposal, you can spend the entire day in the Borgo: from preparations, to the symbolic ceremony and the celebration, making your special day carefree as well."

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Borgo Garzolini

Vi Fermi, 2 Buttrio Udine

+39 338 7869185

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